Burn Baby, Burn

4 Jan

Hi, My Name is Margarita and I AM a rat pack. ^ __^

Yes, you heard it here. There are many things I probably won’t admit to, but this is something I do admit to. Messy, no. But a saver of all sorts aka rat pack – yes. That, I am guilty of to the third degree. I kind of realized it today when I looked in my closet for something in particular and found, not one, not two but over a DOZEN unopened christmas ornaments I had purchased this year. Not only did I have those in my closet, but amongst those things were a CD (never listened to), picture frames and photo albums with price tags on it as though I’d just freshly bought them. Keep in mind, I’ve probably made these purchases months ago. The bigger part of my rat pack problem is I have a hard time in parting with a lot of my stuff. I’ve watched tons of shows where a lavishly good-looking and well-dressed person swoops in and makes over an ugly duckling’s wardrobe and lifestyle and turns it into something spectacular. Seriously, sometimes I wish that was me because Lord knows I need to get rid of MORE than half of my possessions, old school papers and odds and ends that cloud my life AND my closet.

Whew. That was a mouthful. On a happier note, I had a random and delightful moment today at work which is rare! A gentleman came to pay for an educational course he was taking that my organization offers, and so he decided to tip me. Believe me, I don’t have a “tipping” kind of job. I denied that he give me the money, but he refused and told me to have coffee on him. So, I did. =) Thank you, Gregory, for the Starbucks today! It was delish!

Note To Self: Remember To NOT Do A Million Things In One Day. It’s Exhausting.

After lugging my Mom along to Target after work (which is never a good idea with her, I know this) for some therapy shopping, I usually enjoy my time in Target and spend two hours or more in there and get lost in aisles by my lonesome. Not today. I was literally exhausted and the more and more I walked aisle to aisle, I was forgetting why I was there. Then I stumbled upon this.

When I do get my own place, THIS is what I would want. A Quesadilla Maker. Just because it looks fun and colorful like yours truly. =)

Blah, blah, blah. Exhausted. Tired. Sleepy. Did I mention exhausted some more? Oh yeah. Only running on like 4 or 5 hours of sleep, but who is complaining! It’s sleep!

When I got home, the sole piece of mail waiting in the mailbox was for me. Here’s what was inside:

Yes, that would be my driver’s license – minus all the information on my card which I conveniently blocked out with a card for all you stalkers =) After a failed attempt at the road test a few months ago, I got behind the wheel again just before Christmas and passed. GO ME!

Now, the pressure of buying my first car. Oh, joy.


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