Old Isn’t So Bad After All

5 Jan

What a day! It’s what? Wednesday and the week somehow feels like it just began for me.

I had probably what felt like the most painfully long day in a long time at work, but thankfully I was going out with an old friend afterwards for dinner to shake off some work and some stress. Trust me, it was needed.

This old friend of mine, was one of my closest friends in high school, we were inseparable. Everyone knew us as each other’s other half despite the obvious that we looked nothing alike. Still, we were tight. Like sisters. There were some not so great things about our friendship I didn’t like, I felt underappreciated, looked down on and kind of taken for granted as a friend – all things I eventually somewhere down the line felt like I was getting tired of being treated that way when I thought it was supposed to be a “treat me the way you wanted to be treated” kind of deal. So I withdrew myself from us being friends at all despite how hard it was for me. I still looked for her even though she didn’t know it. I still checked up on her even though she didn’t know it. I still thought about her even though I was bitter. I was hurt, but I wasn’t ever going to let go years of our friendship because of my ego or pride.

I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and move on with your life and let things be in the past. Sometimes things happen in peoples lives and they learn from it and sometimes they don’t. The only thing I feel I can do now is try to regain trust and belief in the friend I met back in those beige and green hallways eight or nine years ago. I will try because I don’t think living your life angry and bitter and blaming someone for not being a friend is how anyone should spend the rest of their lives.

I remember when we were at dinner, we reminisced about a few things and I was sincerely surprised just how much she remembered from our friendship and how much she recalled about what I liked or disliked or whatever random moments we had made. I think it’s safe to say that somewhere down the line we’re going to be okay because I felt like we made a step in the right direction.

To the girl I met in the same beige and green hallways and shared my ghetto fabulous prime with:

Do You Want To Be My Friend..Again (No Homo)?

Circle Yes Or No





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