Day of Kings – Where Were The Queens?!

6 Jan

So, it’s Three Kings Day or Little Christmas. Hooray for an extended Christmas! =)

Just another reason to prolong gift-giving. My favorite excuse to shop. Haha. I actually don’t always exchange gifts for the holiday, because I’m not VERY religious, but I do believe in some aspects of religion if that makes any sense. I think religion shouldn’t be left to a group of people to decide on what you should and shouldn’t do. I think religion is something that YOU should decide on and what you choose to follow or not to follow.

Just because I was raised Catholic and went through the whole BIT of religion classes and baptism, communal and confirmation stuff (YES, I did it ALL) I also happen to have a HUGE respect for the Buddhism religion and the practices behind it. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that it takes away from what I was brought up believing. It somehow just clouds my judgment on the religion a bit and what was originally taught to me growing up.

Enough about religion. POOEY.

I had to do what hurts my itty bitty Christmas and holiday-loving soul today. Take down the Christmas tree. Well I half finished it. Haha. I took down the ornaments and lights and tree top and have to put the tree outside tomorrow night for pickup. Have you ever felt like when you’re putting away Christmas decorations and tree ornaments that you’re breaking up with Christmas? Yeah. That’s exactly what it felt like. If I could keep up my tree all year long, I would. But unfortunately, it’d probably have no branches on it by next year and would smell horrid because we get a real tree every year. There’s always this year, though. Eleven more months until another tree goes up. So long, Christmas Tree. You were good to me.

The Tree This Year (’10-’11)


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