Sometimes You Just Wanna Say…NO!

7 Jan

So this was officially, for the record, the most tiring week of all weeks. EVER. I’ve never felt more exhausted in my life than ever before and it’s because I’m working my bum off at work. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get to everything that’s on my desk to complete. What’s worse is that it’s all for a big event at the end of the month – which of course I’ll be attending.

Anyway – enough about work.

I’m slowly closing my eyes as I type this, because clearly I haven’t gotten enough sleep. This is the story of my life, though. And if it’s any consolation, all of my childhood friends will tell you that I was always the first one to fall asleep. Yep, I got the ice down the shirt, the panties over the head, the whip cream on the face – you name it. That was me. I lived through it and it was never fun. I could sleep through a World War back then and I probably could now. Probably.

Seriously, though. January has never been a busy month for me – until NOW. All these birthdays, work, parties, functions, etc. etc. Oh yeah and I can’t forget the most important day – my day of birth! But how can a girl enjoy that day with all these other crazy running arounds going on? Sometimes I feel like I put my own self in overdrive and put more pressure on myself than is normal.

That’s when I say – HOLD THE PRESS! & FOCUS!

I spend a lot of time trying to please other people and see that they’re happy when sometimes it isn’t given back. I always make sure my happiness comes first, but I walk a tight rope when I try to make others happy, too. It’s always a battle for me. Sometimes I just can’t do it and it is hard for me to say no especially to people I love. Sometimes my importance and priorities just have to come before anything else and alot of times I feel like people won’t get that which is why I feel like I don’t have a choice so I have to go to so and so’s party or that person’s get together with friends. If you don’t give, you can’t receive, right? But what if you’re always giving, giving, giving and…..NOTHING?

When you need a break, you need a break. When you know your limits, you stick to them. Period.


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