Would You Like Some Poo With That?

8 Jan

What The S&%!

Literally. What began as a great day with my Mom out in the city – we caught a matinee performance of In The Heights (one of it’s last couple of performances as it closes tomorrow, Jan. 9th) turned into a burp. A hiccup. All from pigeon shit. That’s right. A pigeon decided to lay one right on me as we were approaching the train station stairs. I stood there while my Mom was wiping it out of my freshly blow-dried hair and thought – SERIOUSLY? Is this going to be a trend? Just a few weeks ago I got blessed with another pigeon shitting on my fiery red hair. Apparently these city birds must see my hair and must think: FIRE AWAY! As my Mom is trying to get it out of my hair, she says to me, “You know it’s good luck.” EFF Good Luck, I say in response. While we board the train I grump and moan, but still I get over it. My Mom says, “And we were having a perfect day.” That’s when I said, “But I’m not going to let THIS ruin it.” I didn’t. We had an AMAZING time and I’m still smiling, even after the pigeon poop in my hair. My Mom convinced me to play the lotto because of her eery superstitions, but if the poop hasn’t brought me money YET, I don’t know that it ever will. 😉

In The Heights @ Richard Rodgers Theatre

I finished this book, ‘Perfection’ by Julie Metz today. I can’t remember the last time a book like this has made me cry. I can’t remember the last time a book like this made me feel like everything she was thinking about love, relationships, life and the journey one must go through and go through over and over again to keep learning was breathtakingly written. There weren’t many big words or powerful words. It was just written. Her words. Her thoughts. They were all there. In black and white. No bullshit. What I got most from this is that during a time in my life when I feel like I don’t understand alot of things about myself or relationships – this book has helped me try to rethink those things to try to understand them better. Call it euphoria or an epiphany or a little bit of both. I’m not saying I saw the light, I’m just saying that I’m learning something about myself every day and working towards bettering myself because this little five foot two inch fireball isn’t perfect.


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