The Last Piece of Cake

9 Jan

Just when I thought there were already a million and one things going on – my best friend is getting married in about a month and today was her bridal shower. It was a little late, but we pulled it off. Thank God she didn’t know about it! Thank you Jesus! What’s more important is that she had a great time and despite all the tears and people saying their share of “I don’t want to say goodbye,” I can’t lie and say I haven’t said the same thing. When a few people got up and were saying their piece, I didn’t really find that I wanted to share what we had already shared between the two of us. We had had our moment over the phone one night and I confided in her that while I was extremely happy for her and couldn’t be happier that it was happening to a better person that she found the man she could see herself growing old with, but I was also sadden that I was in some minute way losing my best friend. I was losing my best friend in a way because there will be some nights when she’s gonna be doing the “husband and wife” thing or when her husband and marriage take precedence because that is her family now. I’m not saying this to sound selfish, but I’ve known her for forever, at least it feels, and I told her that I just have to have faith that she will no matter what continue to be there despite taking on this new journey. She reassured me that she wasn’t going anywhere and her marriage or anything else would change us or our friendship and I believe every word of it.

Our friendship has gone strong for 11 years now and stood solid. We could not talk for a few weeks, a whole summer, but we pick up right where we once left off. But in recent years we’ve somehow grown closer and I think it’s because of this wedding. I see the true value in our friendship every day and I’m eternally thankful for her coming into my life.


As a little surprise for her bridal shower and in her words & our insider “because I hate her,” I wanted to make a cake for her to celebrate her special day. THANKFULLY, I had some help from another special someone* in designing the cake to whom I couldn’t have done this without in the timeframe given. So, in the next couple of weeks when on the day of her wedding when the last piece of cake is eaten, I’ll kiss her and her husband Congratulations and remind them of the exorbitant amount of love I have for them both..I know it won’t be forever until I’ll see them again.

Bridal Shower Cake created by A&M


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