The Pressure Cooker? or Maybe I’m Just Pressuring Myself?

10 Jan

Thank the precious heavens (or whoever is up there) that I’m NOT an event planner. I don’t know how my organization pulls off these successful meetings and functions with good to great attendance numbers. What the people don’t know is if we could pull people off the streets and say “Hey guys, we’re having a party in one hour with cocktails and food  and we need to fill the room – wanna come?” we probably would. That’s how all these things get played out. But, I can’t lie..they play off successfully. It’s not my cup of tea, but sometimes I don’t know how to be a little more aggressive with such an aggressive higher-up. I  don’t know how to approach her and say, “Let’s try this venue or maybe booking the place and catering the event through these folks is a better business approach will save us money and we can build a relationship with them in the long run” will ever play out because she always seems to have her own game plan laid out already WAY ahead of time. You can almost never read her and that’s what SUCKS.

I feel like I ought to be more aggressive and throw myself a little more into planning earlier with the events, but I know the way she thinks is all over the place. She has a mind of her own and she always has a million things going on in her world. Approaching the unapproachable is a feat I’ve yet to conquer. Sometimes I see that my aggressiveness pays off when she doesn’t come into the office and doesn’t feel pressured to rush into the office because so much needs to get done. I tell her everything is under control and I feel the relaxation ease through her tone through the phone and she takes her time to trolly on in with a tea in hand and sports a smile from ear to ear. Then, I know I’ve done my job well. But sometimes I look for a challenge and these events allow me to do just that. Press myself, but to what limits? A girl can never know.


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