Isn’t It Funny How..

11 Jan

When your birthday is coming up people somehow automatically want to look for you? Okay..maybe its just me. Today two people from my Father’s side of the family tried requesting me on Facebook and while it’s only a social networking site, it’s all that I leave it as. And why, after all of this time people who have never been there or made an impact on my life want to come into my circle NOW?! To me, it’s a way to say “Hey, let’s see if she will request me so I can see what she writes and follow what she’s doing and bring it back to the entire Lopez clan.” I’m sure that’s not EXACTLY how it goes in their minds, but that’s how the cookie winds up crumbling.

The sad part is that I carry a strong name of a woman I admired and still admire to this day, may she rest in peace. But the family that bares the last name has never been solid. It’s never been tight. It’s never been something I can tell to my children if I ever have any and be happy about because it has always caused me a great amount of grief and pain and probably will forever. But I think I’ve said it over and over that I’m learning to accept that as I get older. You can’t change what people aren’t willing to change within themselves or force people to think beyond what they see upclose. It’s kind of disheartening to think that maybe you’re only thought of during those times, too. Again, maybe it’s just me.


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