A Day of Rebirth.

16 Jan


As I woke up (late), it felt good bringing in another day of a new year my way, the way I felt I didn’t think I would expect. I usually wake up expecting what is going to happen. Go to work, maybe have a dinner out with a friend and back home to do it all over again. Today it was different. I woke up expecting that I was going to celebrate my birthday going to a museum and had a little something special of my own, a surprise mapped out for the person I was going with. But it wasn’t ready and I woke up late. Life somehow came in and said that I should stop going according to plan so much. When we plan things out so much, sometimes they just don’t happen. Sometimes when we expect the unexpected, we are left with open hands and sad faces. It’s upsetting, true, but we set our own selves up for false hopes. So instead we thought quickly and trooped it elsewhere and made the best of the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better day with my two favorite ladies than today. I’m such a lucky girl, you have no idea.

PS the other lady is behind the lens.


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