It’s Never The End!

19 Jan

I thought today was never going to end. Seriously. I didn’t. The first half of the day was the day from hell. This is the busiest, most frustrating time of my life at work and it’s so much work and pressure and although I held my composure really well, I just wanted to burst. Honestly, I kept asking myself over and over, was all of the stress and added frustration all worth it if only for today or just this one day?

I can’t begin to describe just how speechless and out of words I am and have been. I feel totally uninvolved from the world and what’s going on because I feel like I spend too much time on work. I can’t focus on anything else. It’s ridiculous. =/

Again, is it worth it?

Everything irks me down to the smallest of things. And I suppose it’s because it all boils down to my frustration with work and the overload I’m dealing with over there. It’s like all I feel like is an old hag who goes to work, goes home to eat and sleep to go right back to do the same thing again and not because it’s a choice, but because I spend too much time at work. UGH. I feel like this overworked, underpaid, mexican factory worker who isn’t a mexican or a factory worker. Forgive me if I’m coming off a tad bit harsh or rude, I’m just a pissed off little fireball and I just feel under-appreciated, dammit.


When I’m a little happier…here is what I find.

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