Snap Back To Reality..

23 Jan


Something, something about gravity. Yeah, so I was never big on the rap scene. Can you tell? 😉 But some rap songs I can dig and then it goes downhill from there.

I haven’t been blogging in a few days and I guess you could say I needed a break. My mind was kind of empty and running on overdrive at the same time. Haha. But I was able to go out the other night and have some drinks and laughs with some awesome people. It was a lowkey night and it was JUST what I needed to get my mind back on track and to get me back in high gear. You ever get that feeling when you know you’re just doing so much and you need to tell yourself to just relax and take it easy and just have a good time? Yeah..that’s what I did! No need to get crazy, stupid and act a drunken fool either because those days are over for me.

And even more so I got to share another night with my better half who I adore.


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