I’ve Got A Fever..

24 Jan

And it’s not the kind that make you physically sick with a raising temperature where you’re sweating and convulsing of any kind. The type of fever I’ve got is, well, not the average type of fever. I guess what you could call it is..wedding bells and baby fever. “/

I go through these types of stages and phases all of the time. I guess it’s the type of thing most women go through and deal with and it’s part of our DNA mixup, but it’s just really getting to me alot lately. It’s never caused my significant other questions of concern, and maybe this is all strung up because my best friend is getting married in less than a month and she’s gotten me talking and thinking about wedding madness since she asked me to be her bridesmaid. OR maybe my own wedding bell and biological clock is ticking TOO?!

These kinds of things I’m always thinking about, not in an obsessive way, but more in a fantastical, mythical, dreamy kind of way. I picture myself looking all lesbian/Cinderella-like, if there were a lesbian Cinderella, that is…only because, well, I often daydream alot and those are the things I daydream about. Wedding, family, my career. At least I’m off daydreaming about happy things and not plotting some crazy stuff. Now, that would be bad. Really bad.

Maybe I do think too much or daydream about these things. I never thought about it that way that in the sense if you think too much about the things you daydream about happening – they won’t happen. I guess I can try not to fantasize about them, but Lord knows it’ll be hard for a girl with a heavy heart and huge imagination.


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