Gender Bender

26 Jan

I got on the train on my way home and there was a seat open right smack in the middle of two men. Two men were sitting on each side with their legs spread open as though they were busy airing their johnsons on their way home and of course didn’t care that they were taking up more than one seat despite being slim and slender – not that their weight has anything to do with this story or the point I’m trying to make.

When I went to sit down, neither of the men moved. They kept their legs spread eagle and clearly I didn’t exist still. It annoyed the hell out of me as it always does.

A few years back when I took a human sexuality course, we were given an assignment to do something out of the ordinary in our given or assigned gender role. Being “female” its more publicly appropriate for women or expected of women to sit with legs crossed and wear feminine clothing. For that week, whenever I was in public I wore baggier clothes and sat with my legs wide open. Surprisingly, men weren’t bothered by it but rather gave me looks of intrigue. The women gave me looks from the devil.

Today I thought about that assignment and as much as I wanted to kick both guys in where it would hurt and where they were broadcasting their “package” or letting everyone on the train know they had one, I just remembered how much sometimes reversing gender roles make people think twice about where and what they’re doing. So think twice before ya spread ’em.


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