Silent Killer Or A B!tch In Heels?

30 Jan

It’s now come to the time where I can say I am done! Not as in wasted or trashed, but rather there are times when I just let a lot of things get to me and I’ll admit it – I might be too honest. I’m not afraid of that trait nor am I ashamed either. However, I voice my opinion because I feel I should and in the past there have been people who I have growing relationships with even today, such as my father, who have always tried to outweigh my opinions or how I felt about something. The truth is he still does to this day. But its become more and more harder for me to just keep quiet and NOT say anything about how I feel. If I never said anything about how I felt or if I disagreed with someone’s views then I’d better be off as a mute. And to be honest that’s how it makes me feel sometimes. I’m sure deaf and mutes feel bound and can’t get their words entirely across, but even they have some kind of way of coming to a resolve.

Even at work with certain things I’m kind of left feeling like well “I should say something about this,” but I almost never do when it comes to the bigger things that bother me. Either way, when it becomes clear to me that I’m just being too honest and I’ve said more than I needed to say, I shut up. The only problem is when I’m not saying anything or talking then you know you have a problem. FYI to all the folks that can’t take the honesty. Being silent they say is a killer. But for me, a girl who isn’t afraid to give you a piece of her mind might be just as lethal. Somewhere, I’m trying to find a happy medium between the two. That would be me.


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