Myths & Fairytales..Heads or Tails?

2 Feb

I was always big on the fairytales growing up and I believed in every myth told to me even if I could see right through the lies with the dozen or so different stories I’ve heard about how the Easter Bunny came about or why we stick our fallen teeth under our pillows for the tooth fairy as kids. I was sold tons of different versions of those myths and even though I knew something never sat right – I always celebrated and carried on the myths. I guess it goes back to the old story telling days and how a story is told, and once its’s like a trickle down effect and people pass it along to their loved ones and friends.

Okay, so this isn’t supposed to be a euphoric moment or something for me. However, since today is Groundhog Day, today is one of those days where people gather around an animal and determine if we’re going to continue having a blistering winter or if we’re destined for sunny days. It’s like abiding by the National Weather Forecast every single day – they’re only predictions and nothing is guaranteed.

I find it kind of odd and somewhat strange that an animal can predict the weather, too. I think about it every year and while a lot of times some people don’t really believe in myths or traditions like Groundhog Day, its the mere celebration and tradition that people still continue to follow it. I guess it also gives people some hope and something to look forward to, like how everytime my tooth fell out I knew that in my little box under my pillow would be a single dollar or five dollar bill replacing it the very next morning. And I didn’t have to know that it was my Mom who played the tooth fairy that night, but she helped me carry on a myth and a fairytale she too grew up believing and one I would eventually pass along to my own children should I ever have any.

Myths and fairytales don’t do you much harm – its the people that try to take that or keep that experience from you that do.


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