To Do or Not To Do?

7 Feb

So, again, I’ve been slacking. But I swear, I blame it on my ever-chaotic life and roller-coaster world I live in. I make lists and To-Do lists, all more than I can keep up with. It’s kind of disappointing when I go to bed thinking, “Damn, I forgot to do this and that and oh, yeah, THAT.” To think my best friend just got me this cutesy (yes, I use words like sue me) Monday through Sunday To Do List type of organizer with everything that would suit my heart’s little organizer desires. I’ve only used it ONCE so far and I’ve left more things uncrossed than crossed because I didn’t get to doing them. I guess it’s all a part of my “trying to figure out the best way to balance life and everything else in it.” It’s a good start, but how the hell do you ever manage to cross everything off your To Do List every single day within the twenty four hours we’re given?!

I truly believe that when someone is unbalanced with certain things in their life and can’t find time to go to the gym, stick to a diet, manage to stick to their writing schedule every day like a routine and faithfully – it’s all parallel to how they themselves are somehow imbalanced themselves in the world.

As I write this, there are a dozen things I can think of that I still have yet to do today that I’m hoping to scratch off of my mental To Do List and it’s all such a burden sometimes. What I think I really need is a stiff kick in the back and some bootcamp yelling in my face to get me in the right direction. But I say this ALL OF THE TIME. I have no idea what it is I need, but I have faith that in time I’ll find the temperance I’ve been lacking and find my own routine that works best for me. Here’s to another To Do List. Hopefully one that won’t be a huge failure this week.


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