The Coupon Queen

8 Feb

I clip them, store them in my phone and download them whenever possible. I am not usually handing them over to the cashier when I’m at the checkout line or ripping them out and holding up the line. I swear, that isn’t me. But I do, however, love to save a buck or two or ten whenever conveniently possible. Like my mother would always tell me, “Better to be in your pocket than in theirs.” Ya damn right!

I’ve searched high and low for ways to save and places to get cheap finds and deals at. Wether it’s going shopping on Tuesdays during certain hours at a particular store or a special site that gives me legit coupons that the general public might not be completely aware of, I’ve gotten on the bandwagon and decided way before we hit this Recession that my money is too good to be wasted. =)

I’ve become acquainted with the name “The Coupon Queen,” recently and it fits me well because I would probably say more than 3-5 times a week I’m using a deal or a savings I have found either in a newspaper or online. Thankfully, I upgraded my phone too and have great coupon apps there. =D Watching my cash flow has been like another full time job for me. And it isn’t because I’m trying to be rich, but I’m trying to enjoy certain things that I wouldn’t be able to if I was letting my money fly out of the window every damn day.

With that being said, I’ve impressed myself and a few loved ones at some of the cheap deals and ways I’ve gotten some expensive things at not so expensive costs. So, with some guidance and support of a special woman in my life, she’s persuaded me to take on another project or idea with this special thing I have with finding these deals and ways to save and bring it into perspective with my writing. =D My creative juices are flowing! Yum. So, this is one topic that must be continued.


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