Oh Cheese Calzone How I Wish To Devour You, But Please Don’t Poison Me.

11 Feb

Unfortunately I had to skip a post yesterday because I was stuck in the Emergency Room with an IV hooked up to my arm having fluids and medicine run through me. It wasn’t the way I would’ve liked to spend my Thursday evening, if you ask me. It all started when I was having some stomach pain and ….sorry for the details……both hot messes were coming out from both ends of me “/

It was when I started to get chills and sweat profusely that I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t keep anything down that I tried to eat – it was like my body was telling me “Ummm hello, I don’t want that. Can you please get rid of whatever this nasty stuff in your stomach is first?” It was the worst feeling ever. Nothing I’ve ever experienced before. With some guidance, I won’t have to go through it again.

The night before I was having all of the pain and going through the symptoms of food poisoning I went to have dinner at a pizza shop by my girlfriend’s house. You know in NYC, how most every restaurant establishment has a grade sign on their front window for the world to see? Well…they got an A. So I should think that they would have no bacteria in their food, right? Don’t think so. Just because an eatery has a grade A doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t serve you something that’s undercooked or that might cost you a trip to the nearest ER.

In any event – the best thing out of everything was that I was treated and didn’t have to go through the stuff I hear people talk about when having food poisoning. I also was with my lady who was so supportive and by me the whole time. We met some good people too and it’s funny how the both of us meet some good people when sometimes we’re not in good circumstances. It was one hell of a night and definitely not the top 10 greatest moments of 2011. This just might make top ten worst! Might!


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