Where Is The Love?

14 Feb

“The truth is…”

“The truth is..”

Have you ever heard someone say that phrase all one too many times and think, “The truth is I wish you would just shut the %&! up?” I hate to be the ultimate cliche of my own self, but the “truth is” I’m one of those people.

So I’m walking down the street this morning to work with my cup of joe in hand, feeling sluggishly happy, yet moderately awake and in tune with the world. That’s a hell of a sentence, isn’t it? Thanks, I thought of it just now. =D While I’m thinking of how much this Valentine’s Day actually isn’t going to suck for once, a million and one thoughts go from left to right in my head all within the vicinity of ONE New York City avenue. Have you ever walked down a street and had a million different things going on in your head just randomly out of nowhere? And you can’t stop controlling them? Like really, where do they come from and why won’t they stop? It’s frustrating sometimes. But it kind of keeps me company and from staring around at people because they think I’m staring at them or flirting..because when you live in New York and you’re a woman.. you’re ALWAYS flirting if you’re looking in the direction of someone. It’s sad, but true.

My thoughts tend to sometimes roam, but that’s okay. So I just had a weak joke, and I lost it. “/ Boo me. LOL Even I laugh at myself in the middle of the day. I need a vacation. End of story.

Today’s Valentine’s Day and I’m happy to say my Valentine is my boobie loobie wan kanoobie [don’t go stealing the pet name now folks..you know you dig it!]. I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but she is. She’s all about the showing the love and icing on the cake, but I’m thankful she doesn’t show me that JUST today. =D Okay, Okay..enough with the mushie stuff.

On another note that tickles my pickle.. I think I found the next tattoo I’m getting before I finish my sleeve. =D And no, I’m not sharing the idea here. Sorry guys, you’ll just have to wait and see. ;]


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