Going, and Going, and Going..

17 Feb

What feels like one of the longest days in history for me..seriously doesn’t get any worse than this. I usually have little things I try to do at work of my own when there’s down time like check my bills, or if I have a discrepency with one of them – call them up and handle it. Something like that. But today I’m all businessed out and that’s the FIRST! For the first* time, I’m actually at work with the slowest of slow days, not perusing on the internet at shoes, bored out of my wits with nothing to do. The work is moderately slow, but it picks up during the afternoon. At least most of the time it does.

Random thought. Last night I watched the show on MTV, ‘I Used To Be Fat’ with that kid Tanner (love that name, by the way) and I was super disappointed in the progress he made and just how unwilling he wanted to change his eating habits and lifestyle. I can’t say that that hasn’t been me in the past, because it has. But I don’t want to wind up like that and spiraling like that over and over again. It’s deadly. And scary. Nonetheless, since I’ve started a weight loss goal, I’ve successfully lost 30 pounds and counting. I’m taking my time because I don’t want to put pressure on myself and I want to make my goal realistic and attainable.

I’ve always been overweight, chubby, etc. but the actuality is that a mixture of the way my parent has raised me and my own lack of caution over my eating habits has kept me away from fully acknowleding that in order to keep healthy, I’ve always needed not just a good source of nutrition and balanced diet, but to keep a routine exercise because unfortunately my DNA and metabolism just doesn’t cut it. Over the years, I had to learn that myself and these days it’s unfortunate that most kids don’t learn this through parents or school or mentors and are losing chances to maintain a healthy life.

Sometimes being the fat kid is rough, but being the fat kid who revolts and drops all the weight off is even better. =D Kudos to all of the ex-big girls, now-turned Beauty Queens!


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