Womanly Indecencies That Make The World Go… “UGH!”

18 Feb

So I work in a building that is mostly consumed with “educational” programs and functions. On the floor I work on, there is a bartending school and right when you come off of the elevator is a beauty school. I’m constantly bombarded in the ladies’ restroom with hot stenches of female odors, but thank heavens it’s only there. What annoys me the most, I must tell you, though, is that whenever a woman from the beauty school (which doesn’t have a grandeur reputation, FYI) enters the restroom she always feels the need to express her sincere hatred for the stench of the restroom and how gastly it smells in there. But honestly, what would you like it to smell like..roses? That is what a restroom is for. To shit and piss. Maybe you missed the memo.

Now that doesn’t at all mean that you should leave tampons or marks of what you secrete from your body. At least not in my opinion. But it is the same women who complain about the smallest things like this that are doing the most uncalled and inhuman of things that make all women look disgusting. Mark my words. I tell you and kid you not, by 9:30 a.m. this restroom smells like a world war has landed in it. What makes me laugh, too, is that whenever a woman walks into a stall and sees a pack of bloody tissue floating in the toilet, she won’t think of flushing it..rather she’ll suck her teeth and say how disgusting it is and slide right into the stall next to it. Really? Was that worth all of the energy? Was the tissue going to climb up into her and attack her? Don’t think so.

While I’m seeing more and more women come through this beauty and bartending school than I can recollect, I’m curious if they ever learn anything in these schools about proper care for one’s things. I’m sure they learn a thing or two about cleaning up after your area and whenever you’re finished with a client or serving a beverage, etc. But really.. try cleaning up after yourself dirty little hamsters! It might teach others to do the same!


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