Café Con Loca?!

23 Feb

Have you ever wondered just how much caffeine can make you.. well.. crazy?! It’s not even 1pm yet and I’ve had two too many cups right about now and I know just when I’ve had enough when I have heartburn. Do you think THAT stops me from downing the coffee? How about no.

Lately, it’s been kind of sad the way I drink coffee. I think my hair has almost smelled like coffee too. “/ I’m kidding about that last part, though. My girlfriend tells me I ought to stop with the rate I’ve been going. There are days when I’ve had three cups and it seems alright to me. Of course, coffee is addicting and I know this. I like tea, but I don’t love it. I’m not an addict. Or am I?

Some say that coffee and cigarettes go hand in hand with drugs because of the addictive factors and qualities they have in it. So technically would food like Oreos, Skippy Peanut Butter, Bread and everything in the commercial media that has a addictive message to it be part of the same thing? I wonder. I always wondered about the whole myth about McDonald’s food and other processed foods having addictive qualities in it to make people want it again and make them want to thrive for it and taste it and keep coming back to it. Honestly, after seeing ‘Super Size Me,’ I was disgusted and stayed away from McDonald’s. But not forever. Just like I have with coffee.

Coffee has some serious side effects though. After trying to finish this venti ice coffee from Starbucks (which conglomerate I hold an ultimate weak spot for) my co-worker was so kind enough to buy me today, I feel like Bella in Breaking Dawn with the sounds of a heart beating so wildly and like I need to jump up and down throughout my entire office. But I digress.

There are tea bags that I, yes, I brought in from home to drink for me and my co-workers yet I have yet to touch them since bringing them in. Sure, tea is way more healthier as is a ton of other things in life. I think there are alot of things in life than despite the more appealing and refreshing it may look on the exterior, the effects aren’t all it’s made out to be. Sometimes you just have to give up things in order to gain even more than what you had to give up.


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