My Obsession With Everything [HGTV]

25 Feb

There comes a time when usually most people my age talk alot about reality tv being the number one best thing there is, let alone it’s about all there is on television as the guide on every network hosts reality shows. But what has to be the number one best channel for me that I ultimately love to watch is HGTV. Most people dig the History Channel, I dig HGTV. For those who don’t know which channel that is.. it’s a Home Goods/Decor & Designing channel from everything you could think of. I’m always looking for ways to make my home more comfortable and cozy and ways to hunt for better spaces, too when and if I ever do need to search. Literally, this channel has EVERY show that suits my needs. My ultimate favorite show I watch when I usually come home and wind down is House Hunters or Property Virgins.. oddly enough. =D It also gives me a LOAD of insight on the process of real estate and you learn alot just by the little terms they use. It’s kind of like taking a Real Estate 101 class without sitting in class in front of a teacher.

If anyone knows me, I’m VERY determined and when I set my mind to something and getting something I stick to it. No matter what! In watching these shows I know that I’m only, as cheesy as it may sound, inspiring myself a little bit more to push myself closer to my goals of owning my own home with my partner and accomplishing all of those other little goals I set for myself and my family. To think what a teeny little bit of television time does  is beyond me. But so do all of the other shows like Biggest Loser, but they don’t have their own network. Now how amazing would THAT be!?


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