The Facebook Crush.

28 Feb

We all kinda, sorta have them. My girlfriend might not know this or maybe she does, but I don’t think she will be threatened by it if and when she discovers my ultimate love of all beautiful women. The nature of having an unquantifiable amount of women at your fingertips and the click of a mouse can sometimes peak anyone’s interest. It’s almost like looking at a shiny new car for the first time. Adrenaline. Excitement. Anxiety. Fear. Everything good AND bad leashes into your known world.

I call it The Facebook Crush. When people are in relationships, sometimes they often forget what it’s like to look at other beautiful faces. It’s not saying you’re “cheating” but as I like to think of it – appreciating another attractive human being. That’s where Facebook comes in. Facebook, just like being out with your girls or guys is like your little spruce of ego or adrenaline from sneaking a peek at a random person. I don’t find anything wrong with it, so long as you’re merely looking and not trying to take it further than saying to someone’s picture “Oh, she’s cute.” That would be like taking a scene from a Jerry Springer show and that’s NOT cute.


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