The Art Of The Interview..Or The Washed Up Economy and The Too Small Companies Drying Up

1 Mar

Since 9/11, the workforce is seriously disappointing. I can’t help but make this post one that sounds personal, because it is. I heard some awfully dreadful news today. My Mom wouldn’t want me putting her business out there for all of the world to see, but I’m optimistic, yet again. For her. Early this morning she gave me some news that she had got let go from her job. Not that best news, but at least we have our health and each other, I think, right? I’m truly grateful for everything I’ve ever had, don’t get me wrong, but seriously, this woman can’t get a break. It’s inevitable that my mother has suffered more and more with each year the closer and closer she gets to her retirement, which she may never be able to do successfully. It saddens me that this is what America has built. A country where the oldest and most blue-collared, hard-working Americans can’t hold a job down not because of education or inexperience, but because too many small companies just aren’t making money and unfortunately my mother has found herself in the biggest pool of them along with many others.

She has been on countless interviews, and the one thing she told me today was, “I have to do this all over again,” when just less than a year ago she was interviewing for that very position she was let go from today. It sucks. Major. I know. But I keep telling her that there just might be something better in store for her. Sometimes, I just don’t know wether to believe that myself. I know being positive for her is the best thing I have to do and it’s what I will do. It’s disappointing to know just how many more people there are like her that are probably suffering, on the same boat and in the same raft right about now. It isn’t the first time she’s been in a small company, and whenever she gets the interview or the job, how can she turn it down when she finds out it’s a small company and a possibility she could be let go or her position could get eliminated? How could anyone? This isn’t the type of economy it once was where job security was what it once was. I think she’ll see that again when she’s on those interviews again, but I wish for her sake there were more than JUST that.


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