Stealin’ The Stage Lights..Give Someone Else a Chance To Sweat!

3 Mar

So I’m watching American Idol tonight during its first elimination night and I’ve been saying to myself every time this one contestant comes up to perform or everytime they show her face, “She looks so damn familiar, like I’ve seen her perform before, somewhere.” I reiterated where I thought I saw her, at the Machete Music Concert recently back in October, and thought I had seen her on stage telling us her little story of how she was an artist. I really was more excited about who the artists were that were coming up, but I still paid attention to the music video that was inevitably a new release of this Karen Rodriguez’s and I left it as that, thinking I would probably never hear from this chick again as she was clearly pursuing a more Spanish-focused music career and unfortunately enough my recent music is kind of off.

Then tonight I finally decide to Google her name. After a couple of searches, I knew I would find her, because well that’s what journalists tend to do. We find shit out. =D

And then, I find this…

I knew the music video, which she clearly says in this video that Time Warner Cable produced and discovered her…was familiar and I had heard of her somewhere.

If you go to, and look at the videos, her lovely music video is in plain view for the public to view.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I could remember the face and that she probably did good with that. However, I think she was already on her way and well ahead of the game then most of the people starting from scratch that were put through to the top 12 contestants tonight. As they played Jennifer Lopez’s new music video, the irony of Ryan Seacrest saying “that could be you one day,” is insane that she could stand there, knowing that she has already produced a music video and probably made a few contacts in the industry.

It’s kind of sad that she can’t really make room for everyone else. I’m sure plenty of people would have loved to have what she had already before her idol performances. The stage is ONLY so big and can only hold so many people. So, really, give other people a chance to shine.


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