Pet Names For Sleep?

7 Mar

While I wait until I fall asleep and think about the post that I’ve been trying to find meaning in all day, I couldn’t help but read on someone’s Facebook status they used the word “mimi” in reference to “sleep.” I hadn’t heard of the word used until my own girlfriend used it a few times. I thought I would figure it out, but after the second time she said it, I knew it was some kind of Hispanic thing. I know how Hispanics tend to use “mimi” but as odd as it might sound I had never heard anyone use the word as a type of pet name for going to sleep.

I grew up on making words like “Go to bed” sound cute by adding a soft voice and instead of “Go to bed” it was always “Now go night nightttt.” Of course making it sound like sleep was the cool thing to do when you were a kid was impossible for parents. But that “night night” term always worked for me. I guess for some “mimi” works too. Hey, whatever works…works!


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