The Moving Orb

8 Mar

Most people I know believe in some kind of life after death theory and spirits among the living. What most people don’t really talk about are orbs and spirits. A true believer in spirits, and now even more so one of orbs just reassures that some unforeseen things not within our reach or spirits and/or ghosts can come and go in so many forms. Orbs, though, are a little different than feeling spirits or having signs showing that a spirit is around or near you. But I also see how orbs are just another way of showing how the dead can communicate with the living to let them know they’re there.

I truly believe in the dead or the “crossed over” reaching through their spirit to communicate with the ones they left behind. My Mom told me of a story when I was just a kid and I’ll never forget it. She took me to the cemetery to see my grandmother a few months after she died and I was only a few months old. After what I presume was a long day for her lugging me around, she came back home and went to change my diaper. In it she found a single, lone bingo chip. She wouldn’t have put it there, and it really began to freak her out. What’s the connection you might say? The bingo chip belonged to my grandmother, my Mom’s Mom. My grandmother was an avid bingo player and played a few times a week. So how could that chip have landed there? I even asked as I got older and my Mother retold the story to me over and over a few times, if she left out any of Grandma’s stuff. My Mom said they had packed away all of her belongings and nothing was left out in reminder of her, but pictures maybe. They even had to get rid of their cat because he had turned vicious and unloving after my Grandmother died.

In that bingo chip, my Mother found solace that her Mother was watching over us and I think that was her way of connecting through to her. Wether it’s through signs or orbs or feeling of spirits, I think life after death sometimes speaks tremendous amounts of volumes with the living. Sometimes it’s through the dead that we continue to live, too.


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  1. christian writer - church history - lord jesus - Christians - centuries - believer - disciple - Abide - Jesus - March 12, 2011

    […] I know that I had never heard of this before as a Christian until perhaps after twenty years in to my walk with Him, and I feel like I wasted many years before the Lord showed me how to find Him.  Going to church I was always taught that you get close to God by reading your bible.  Before I get in to this topic let me first say that I love the Bible, and believe it is the inspired word of God.  You sure can read the bible and it can lead you close to God, if you know what you are looking for.  However, it is true that someone could be a Bible scholar and expert and never know Jesus Christ at all (see John 5).  Do you know that some atheists study the Bible looking for material to bash Jesus and Christians with, and they never get close enough to God to realize it.  Let’s think about this, if reading scripture On the same subject: Further you can see this related post: Also you can read this related blog page: Additionally you can look at this related post: On the same topic: Additionally you can check out this related post: Make sure to also read: […]

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