ɛrɪn ɡə ˈbrɑi !

17 Mar

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Although I haven’t been to the motherland I call Ireland, the saying “Erin Go Bragh,” means to stay in or go back to Ireland forever or for always – something to that effect. There’s something about the gaelic accent that I can’t quite master yet and though I’m not straight from the green, the Irish courses through my veins and my fiery red hair is only evidence of such. One of my ultimate goals is to reach Éire, not just to feel like I’ve fulfilled something in my life, but because I know it is part of who I am and I never have cancelled out that part of me. Ever.

It’s kind of funny that my girlfriend is reading Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera in class as an English 1 literary book. It tickles me that such great writers that aren’t necessarily from the classical era are being taught in today’s classes.

I digress.

Anzaldua talks about battling with this inner-border and inner-identity struggle and I, too, have always faced that being multi-national. I’ve been born and raised in the roots of America, constantly thriving amongst other kids who were raised in different cultures when I myself never really had a culture. I just had what I had and I never really considered it anything but – just. I was Puerto-Rican, I was Irish-Hungarian, I was Irish-American, I was Maggie. I was Me. But when it came to my culture, I had to be Irish when I had to be Irish, I had to be American when I had to be American and I had to be Puerto-Rican when I had to be Puerto-Rican. I didn’t know much of any of all of the who I was because I was trying to figure out where I stood and belonged.

There still is alot I might not know about my backgrounds and their nations’ history, but I’m always learning. I think “Erin Go Bragh,” is the perfect symbol for the Irish in terms of going back to their roots, their identity and their folk. It’s something I know I can say about Puerto Rico and something I would eventually like to be able to live up to saying for the greener side of me.


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