21 Mar


Stay positive and optimistic and move forward to achieve your goals. You may not be able to do everything you want right away, but with focus and dedication, you can forge ahead. Don’t change your dreams; magic can happen and you need to concentrate on the end result. The energy you put out is the energy you get back. However you may need to reexamine your schedule; give yourself enough time to accomplish goals.

That was my horoscope in today’s Daily News, and although it is the one thing I look for when I’m done reading through the news section and regretfully the celebrity fiascoes they put in there..I search for some kind of meaning in my daily horoscopes. Despite my disbelief in many things superficial like tarot or palm card readers, there is something magical about someone being able to determine a group of peoples’ feelings and being able to dish a little advice to see them through the day. I can’t say I rely on horoscopes to get through the day. If I happen to go days or weeks without reading one it doesn’t hurt me none. However, when I do manage to read my horoscopes when I’m often in search for some guidance..it’s as if the words are what I was searching for someone to tell me or say to me at that given moment. I won’t say it happens to me all of the time, but if not..most.

It’s kind of scary when you read these ‘scopes and often times it hits you right on the nose about how and what you’ve been feeling. Going through financial troubles? Turn the page and your horoscope tells you that you could be seeing an increase in your paycheck. Funny, but sometimes those types of horoscopes don’t always seem to play out for most people. I find the horoscopes, like mine today, to be the ones that are the most courage-able and gives you the little nudge even if it is a horoscope. Some people find wisdom in quotes and other inspirational things. I find a very small ounce of solace in the future of my horoscopes, something I might not be able to predetermine, but something that many others have been able to say they can foresee in astrology. I’m not at all a pro nor keen on astrological stuff, but I leave that up to the stars to determine what the future has in store for me. It’s kind of nice to see, though, if the stars are “right” about me every day whenever you open the paper. Sometimes they might be off, sometimes they just might be exact. I guess the saying, “it’s written in the stars,” goes a long way back. I don’t exactly follow the words of my horoscope, but I might agree and/or disagree with it because of how I might be feeling at the moment. Today – my stars were totally on the nose with this one.


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