My New Girlfriend

23 Mar

Have no fear people, I’m not a cheating whore. I promise. Those days are over for me. Kidding, kidding. LOL. A) I was never a cheating whore B) I do somewhat have a new girlfriend – in the form of burning calories. I switched gyms recently from Planet Fitness to Lucille Roberts thanks to a recommendation a friend has given me and boy, oh, boy was it the best thing I could have ever done. I’ve only had a few workouts there, but I’ve done two different classes they offer and they’re killer classes. It’s exactly what I needed. It works every part of my bodayyy and it’s just like a girlfriend – ya love to hate her, but hate to love her.

I went into the new gym a little intimidated and definitely not sure what to expect at these classes. But I think I’m really drawn to them and I’ve already got an addiction! More importantly, this gym gives me more drive to get where I need to be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m super excited about seeing more positive results now and even better – looking forward to the summer. Two-piece bikini, here I come!


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