Better Off Alone

25 Mar

Sometimes there are certain things in life that we all do better by ourselves. Going shopping can sometimes be a hassle when you really need a friend’s opinion on that dress and if it really compliments you or makes your figure look horrendous. For me, there are a ton of things I actually prefer to do alone but many things I’m deathly afraid of going at alone. It’s like being in pitch black darkness for hours on end, not knowing who or what might hit you. It’s also like taking your first steps, too. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

Take for instance when there are certain moments in your life when you feel like you just have to do things on your own or when things are better done by yourself, it’s better left up to yourself. This weekend I’m planning on leaving my phone tucked underneath my bed if I could possibly, do some things I have planned set out for myself and take the entire weekend for myself to enjoy and splurge got it..MYSELF. I think I get distracted sometimes and other times I occupy my energy with things that don’t pour the same amount of energy back. There are a ton of things I enjoy doing on my own – and living on my own is yet to be one of them. It’s something I envision in my very near future, yet I think when the time is right it will happen. I try not to cloud my judgment when it comes to overexciting myself with plans and whatnot, but you have to admit, going through the home goods aisles of Target makes me want to get in tune with my interior decorating skills and makes me anxious to decorate my very first place.

Random thought: Where is this blog trailing off to?

Overall, I’m a huge overachiever. No, not like Rachel from Glee. I’m not full of myself and cocky. But I strive for perfection and I am always looking to challenge myself. Wether I burn myself out and outdo myself, I think I should. I’m never going to be the lay back and relax kind of person. It may sound like I’m tooting my own horn. So be it. Call it what you will. Sometimes we all get a little off-track and need some “alone” time and this little me weekend is my secret recipe to just that.


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