It’s Margarita, Not Margeurite or Margaret!

28 Mar

Some of you may take notice to my very, full-length latin name. It’s long and well, latin. But it’s something I am proud of and carry well. The name comes from a woman who I shared a very close bond with one time in my life – my Grandmother. I carry her name – which is Margarita. NOT Margaret nor Margeurite. Which as of lately has been kind of been bugging me. Often times growing up, my name has felt like it’s been something that’s too long for people to pronunciate. Wether it was too long or too latina – it was mine, nonetheless and not something for anyone to go altering because they didn’t feel like calling me by my ACTUAL name.

Usually there are times, like at work, when my boss will mix up my name and call me Margeurite or Margaret. More than half of the time she’ll call me anything but my actual name. It’s frustrating because now it’s become so much a habit that other co-workers and business contacts at the job have fallen privy to the same thing. It kind of makes me want to say to that Michael fellow. “Oh sure, Mikey ol’ pal, no problem. I’ll get that right to you.” See how he likes it.

Seriously, though. I was named Margarita for a reason. NOT Margeurite nor Margaret as confusing as it might seem. And although people might think it’s awfully great to be named after an alcoholic beverage, I take pride in being named after something more symbolic in my life like a strong, brave Latina who empowered me at such a young age with such a simple thing as a hug. FYI – It’s Margarita with an A, baby. Get it right. =)


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