“Keep Smiling”

1 Apr

As my Friday began, I had only been an hour in and it was going into a nightmare. Seriously. I don’t like putting my personal business out there for the world to view and disect, however, I will say that it involved a huge error in my boss’ end and accounting and in essence I’m stuck with something I shouldn’t be stuck with. Vague, I know, but like I said I don’t put my business out there. The point is that I was flailing all morning and throwing curse words around like it was no one’s business. I was beyond heated. No one messes with my financial situation especially not in this economy and especially when nothing is permanent these days.

In the end I dealt with what I dealt with before I could get hold of my boss and dealt with the proper people. The problem is I am being asked to pay for something that should’ve been taken care of by higher ups. If that were the case, I could’ve done the job myself. Enough with the bantering.

As I believe they should, the company or my boss, whoever decided I guess is paying for the costs for the slipups. So, I should be happy right? Eh. Until the next big mess up.

I wound up jetting out of work early and going to the bake supply store in Chelsea. One of the owners there recognized me when I was paying and said, “Always with a smile. How are you?” I went on to tell him how today wasn’t a great day at all, but I was still smiling, though. And the regular that I am, he noticed my smile again.

He said, “Keep smiling. Nothing is ever worth it, right? Just keep smiling.”

And I did. I smiled my way out the store and down the train stairs and onto the platform and all the way home. Nothing is ever worth all the energy to keep you from smiling. I live to smile every day!


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