A Family That Bakes Together, Stays Together

3 Apr

Often times whenever there is a family member’s birthday or a good friend’s birthday coming up, I find myself digging up a recipe to bake a cake or cupcakes to celebrate. In essence, I’m often doing the baking with my girlfriend or my mom and usually when I’m at my very best and feeling good about it..I pour all of my energy and good vibes into the beginning, middle and finished product of the baking. I can tell you that the smell of fresh, thickening cake batter surrounded by laughs and warm kitchen colored cabinets always make for a good combination. There’s something about being able to bake on any given day with the people you love and endlessly share the same final moments with them as you go for that first bite of what you have tirelessly worked on. I may sound a little silly when I say this, but a family that prays together is just as good as a family that bakes together…stays together.

I am big on family even though I don’t have a huge klan of my own. But building on a common theory and mainframe of bonding and keeping a close connection with all of your family is important to me. It’s something I value deeply and through baking, its one of those things I and some of my loved ones connect with that bring us a bit closer to eachother. Wether its the intimate conversations we have over it or just being around something we can both relate to is priceless or just perfect.


2 Responses to “A Family That Bakes Together, Stays Together”

  1. gmomj April 3, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    I Love this. So true. We love the holidays because we all get together but it’s the food preparation with my daughters that I really love. Bonding over baking and food. It just works.

  2. margaritalopez April 4, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    I agree – bonding over baking has a special quality with some families! My family loves it and we all seem to enjoy it and love doing it together.

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