Furry Friends

5 Apr



The funny part of this post is that my two furriest friends are nearest and dear to me – and both are adopted! The two cats I own are ones I took on from two different scenarios and at two different times in my life.

Twinkey, the Orange tabby who is the eldest and 8 years old this summer, came from a woman who rescued animals on her own free will and took them into her home, nursed them and took them to see their shots were taken care of. I was 16 and working a summer intern at the time. She told me she was an animal rescuer and had taken in an Orange tabby. I had to see him and when I did I fell in love! He was the most cute little thing I could hold in my hand at the time. Now, he’s such a big boy and thriving and growing every day it seems. He’s a real old man too. But he’s still a ham. I remember trying to call him peaches or spots, but those names didn’t stick. When I was describing him to a friend..his white tummy and orange body and little white paws.. they said, ” like a Twinkie??” And I said that’s it! That’s his name! I altered it a little and behold..Twinkey! My little porker Twinkey..

Kylie – A church in my neighborhood was going to be hosting an adoption event. I decided to go take a look with my aunt just because. But I knew my intentions were to scope out some furry friends for Twinkey because he was already turning 5 and I felt like he was missing a companion and was lonely. Maybe I was lonely because he always slept with my mom. Ha. But I wound up falling in love with an 8 month old grey and black tabby from outside the mobile van. I couldn’t say no to go inside. I walked in and asked if I could take him out of the cage to pet him. When I did, he nestled in my chest and sat there so comfy and as if he had found his home already. I originally thought I was going to leave with a kitten but I couldn’t resist Kylie. He was mine from the moment we saw eachother. I had to sign some papers and that was that. I had successfully adopted another feline into my home. It’s been almost 8 years since I’ve had Twinkey and 3 since Kylie and the adoption experience is nothing compared to just purchasing an animal. You feel rewarded and like you helped saved another animal’s life. Kylie’s owner actually surrendered him after 6 months but rightfully so because now he has a brother who he adores and a home he runs wild in. And every night they both drive me insane, but I get to come home to these furry friends of mine.


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