Why 24 Hours In One Day Is Never Enough

10 Apr

Even though most people can manage with the 24 hours they already have in one day, I surely wish either one of two things: 1) there were more hours in the day NOT so that I could work more, but so I could spend more time on MYSELF and MY goals 2) I had a different occupation that actually made me feel a little more appreciated with the work that I do, do so I didn’t feel like half of what I’m doing is useless.

I might be going a little off-track here, but I graduated two years ago and although I’m still working on going back to school..I’m currently working full time but unfortunately not in the same industry as the one in which I got my bachelor’s degree in. It’s unfortunate yes, that the hard work and dedication that I put into school and internships and non-paying jobs just so I could build up a portfolio and a name for myself so people would hire me just didn’t seem to cut it once I graduated. I’m really going off-track here when I’m saying this, but I feel like my days seem alot less meaningless when they’re spent in an office and not really working towards my own goals. Call me crazy, but it makes me want to quit and start off fresh doing something that I love and that is benefitting my career and not my wallet. But that’s crazy. Right?

In a utopian society I’d surely live off of the land, probably write my way through life and go around writing with fellow writers all day long in cafes, going to events, conferences, etc. But, really.. this is my perfect world. Who actually lives that way? If you know of someone who does – let me know because I’d love to meet them! Really, I would!

I know being an adult is one thing, but DAMN. It’s more than just worrying about bills and rent. It’s about worrying about your health, gym time, balancing your friends and seeing them, your significant other, OH YEAH and you always have to remember to check your emotions because lord knows if you’re going through something you have to keep a check on how you’re feeling because you’ll lose it. I know I am. And it’s not pretty. I have to write down, day by day, a To Do list for myself “Gym, Pay this Bill, write, blog, Yoga(certain days).” I prepare a few days or a week in advance my snacks and meals because I feel like I never have enough time. Time is time consuming. Period. I feel like if I don’t write certain things down I’ll never do them. Not because I’m careless, but because I feel like I never make time for them and mostly because I feel like I never have time for things and especially for things I love. It sucks, especially when I have tons of goals I want to reach and feel like there are a million things in my way. ARGHHHH!!


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