NaPoWriMo – Day 12, Day 13, Day 14 + Day 15

15 Apr

Day 12 – Daddy’s Lap

His force; strong

Holding me

Pink, chiffon dress


Pink, lacey tights

Smooth and covered

Against me

Wrapped into His arms

He stares

Smile big

Heart heavy

Fiery red hair of



Through my heart

Laughs from the room

He stares only at


Day 13 – Daily Dose of ‘R’

creep into the station

speeding with one light

yellow, yellow and black

wind in my hair

almost pushing me back

step behind the yellow line!

open sesame! steel doors to my seat

yellow, orange, yellow

jerk to takeoff and through the tunnel into

77th street

Bay Ridge Avenue

transfer to the N at 59th Street

bright, white lights on the N across



speed race together

take off

1, 2, 3

R goes first

into the tunnel again

53rd Street

45th street

“36th street is next,” conductor yells

herds of people escape

run, run for the closing doors on the D

into the tunnel

fast into the dark

Day 14 – The Dancer

he elevates

stretching every

muscle in his body

to the floor

tucked in

bones out

bones in


in, out, in, out


his face looks hard

he points his toes

to the sky

face down

leg up

he sores across the stage

stares blankly across the audience

he sees no one

but himself

the eyes



Day 15 – freemefromme

awake me from this nightmare

set me aflame

don’t put this fire I’ve created out

I want to feel this pain

promises are ones

that are made to be broken

a life such as this is one

I would have never chosen

give me serenity from the

suffering I feed myself every day

free me from me

so I may wake


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