Keep On Rolling

17 Apr

I was a sucker for this singer when she debuted in the U.S. with Changing Pavements and yet her voice still strikes me, still. I couldn’t love her voice and strength in her lyrics more than most other female artists out now. The words in the song, Rolling In The Deep are kind of an emotional, breakup song. We all have our moments, highs and lows in relationships and I think her lyrics in this speak extreme measures to every emotion I probably have ever felt in my past whenever I was feeling this way about a relationship went sour. I love artists who can make awesome music like this that makes you feel good inside and makes you not so emo all of the time, but makes you kind of want to throw a big fat pumpkin pie in their face like “Take that sucker!” Yeah, I know one or two people that could use a nice pie in their face right about now.


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