NaPoWriMo – Day 24, Day 25, Day 26, Day 27 + Day 28!

28 Apr

I know, I know..I’ve been neglecting NaPo, but for good reason. I’ve been having a crazy life lately with almost no time for myself let alone the ONE thing that actually keeps my head above water which is the good ole sport of writing. I haven’t been feeling inspired lately with my creative nonfiction attempts, though only through NaPoWriMo attempts it seems to work. So here goes.

Day 24 – one year at a time

I wasn’t sure how this would work out

a funny red head born of a Hispanic man and an Irish & Hungarian-American woman

but somehow the kids from school despite the names

loved me.

Covered in silk dresses, white laced socks

and mary janes

the glory and the fame

just never came

I stood out like the sore thumb I was,

Hoping to redeem myself once I left the chocolate milk cartons behind.

I found myself in brick hallways

Scoping out best buddies, but found my worst frenemy

She hated my guts, and wanted my boyfriend

Somehow out of it all we became best friends and she showed me

What I know about being womyn

I took what I learned through years of growing

and being knocked left and right

burying my head in books

trying not to be the odd ball out

yet somehow the shoe was always on the other foot

I struggled with identity and orientation

approval from all

but mostly myself

an inner battle I deal with daily..I’m halfway there, I say.

Day 25 – lust you

I wanted it so bad

your love

your energy

your fire

but all I ever got

was your steaming desire

to feed me your angst

your love

deep into me

until I couldn’t any more

entrust in you

that you wouldn’t hurt

how could I ever want anything else?

but I did

and I do

does it make me wrong?


am I any less wrong?

does lust devour over me

the way your love covers me

and blankets me


I think I’ll never know

Day 26 – the man with the grey jacket

he sits on a bench and waits

until it’s too dark for anyone to see

clothed with dirty pants

and a grey jacket

he sits and

he sleeps

before the crowd of people

rush before dawn

he scurries into

the bushes and finds

another rest spot

intoxicated in his own

smell of himself

afraid of how he may look

damned to see himself

in the mirror

fearful of what he may have become

he pulls from the grey jacket

a watch

with an inscription,

“Love Me Now, Love Me Always. RK”

He smiles and tucks it away

inside the grey jacket

and zips it up,

tattered and torn

a reflection of his soul

reminiscent of his love

he closes his eyes to set his eyes on the stars

cloaked in his grey jacket,

the only thing that keeps him warm at night

he hugs himself close

and hums Tony Boy until he falls sound asleep

Day 27 – eyes of yours

they bounce from window

to person to shoe and you

have nerve to look me in the eye

and smile?

what were you thinking?

we share the same seat and

you freely stick your rear end

directly onto my forearm

as if it’s a butt rest?

I don’t think so, my friend.

We strap-hangers dutifully pay the

same fare as you, so please

do not treat me as if you are above

me nor am I below you.

If you wish to have an elite train of

passengers, try writing to the MTA

and suggest it to them.

Maybe they will listen.

Maybe not.

Day 28 – a promise to my unbroken self

my dear unbroken self,

you hurt and mostly because of me

the unselfishness I have caused has been unfair

and unruly to you

unjust and untrue

everyone has come before you

which should have never been

carry so much weight on your shoulder

that they have broken

and now require serious medical attention

self, you have made yourself clear

inner happiness has been lacking

and I need to reevaluate everything

that I once thought I wanted

to what I now need

in order to attain

inner peace.


4 Responses to “NaPoWriMo – Day 24, Day 25, Day 26, Day 27 + Day 28!”

  1. Walt April 28, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    Quite the roll. You have an expressive voice and I like your style.

  2. Paul April 29, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Very, very nice. I like Day 27’s and 28’s especially (I can definitely sympathize with your MTA experience).

  3. Jingle May 21, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    awesome collections,

    day 25 is touching.
    keep it up.

    invite you to join poets rally today.

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