One Year To The Day

7 May

It’s been one year to the day today that I said yes to being this woman’s girlfriend/significant other and today is going to be a good day. I know it because we have, for the most part have had a good year. We have had a rough start to our relationship and one that didn’t exactly start off with roses and sunflowers, but I think it has what made our relationship stronger and both of us stronger individually. We have both overcome individual obstacles in our personal lives and should we had chose differently to not be in this relationship, who knows where we might have been. But I can say that I don’t ever think about those what ifs because she never leaves this relationship dull. She keeps me on my toes, like a catfish. Always guessing. Never underestimating her. Always wondering where the next step will take us. Kind of like how she even asked me to be her girlfriend in the first place. It was on a whim. I knew we were getting closer, but I just wasn’t sure if we both were ready to handle …a relationship. Let me take you back to that very day. Everyone that asks me how we met and how we became a couple and how we started dating or who asked who, I always credit my girlfriend for her spunk and creativity. It almost makes me tear up because I didn’t think she really was ready for a commitment nor was I. Until one year ago to this very day.

May 7, 2010.

I was at work on a Friday and my boss usually teaches from 11:30am – 3pm and I’m in the office by myself between those hours. I get some quiet time and occasionally I would call Armara (my girlfriend) up and see what she was up to. It was probably around 11:45 when I called her and she was acting a bit jumpy. I was all carefree like a normal day. So she was asking all these questions like, “Is anyone in your office? Did anyone come into your office?” Of course my answers were No.

Then she randomly says, “Oh my mom mailed something to your office so it might be coming there today.”

Of course I think nothing of it and say “Okay.” I didn’t think about it until after the day was over, but I had never given her my work address. She was sneaky!

So we kept the conversation going and it came on to about 12:30 and she was getting antsy by this time.

Armara: “Could you go downstairs to the lobby and check if they left the package that has your name on it my mom had sent to your job?”

Me: “What?!? Why?!?”

Armara: “Just do it!!”

So, I did. I went down to the lobby and checked with the lobby guys and they had nada. I came back up to the office and called her back to tell her they didn’t have anything.

Armara: “Maggie, did you get any other packages delivered today to your office?”

Me: “Yeah. UPS came and delivered stuff I ordered from Staples earlier. Why?”


I had an epiphany about a package that the UPS guy must have placed on one of the file cabinets in my office. The package didn’t look like it was from Staples. I walked over to the package with Armara still on the phone and it said To: Margarita L. From: Edible Gifts

Armara: “Maggie!?!? It’s been sitting in your office this whole time since we’ve been on the phone?! Omg. I’m hanging up. I hate you right now.” Click.

I bursted out in a laughter that was too hysterical to even comprehend. She hated me that day because I didn’t realize that package was for me because all of the other packages were mixed in with work packages.

I took it to my desk and opened it and found this giant cookies and cream fortune cookie with a secret message inside:

It says: Your future will be brighter if Armara becomes your girlfriend. Your lucky numbers are: 05 07 20 10 (the date, obviously LOL) SO LET’S MAKE THIS OFFICIAL

Clearly with this I couldn’t say no. And since then I couldn’t resist her passion and love for everything that is good. I have a huge support system from her and she is truly a genuinely good person and someone who I know loves deep and strong. Something I have never experienced before. I know that with time things won’t get easy, because relationships never do, but I can see us developing into something stronger. She keeps me sane when I feel like I’m growing insane and levels me in alot of ways. She understands me at times when I feel like I don’t even understand myself. Most importantly..when I feel like I am weak, she sees me as a strong force. I’ve never felt more awake and like I’m dreaming all at once.

Here is to another year of us and the path that we create for each other. Where we go, there is no direction, there are just roads, me and you.


One Response to “One Year To The Day”

  1. ARod June 11, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    I ❤ you very much, this entry alone was a great gift to read on our anniversary thank you BabyGirl!

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