If New York Were a Student..It Would’ve Been Left Behind 10x Over!

16 May

Based on the title of this post.. you’re probably wondering what the post is REALLY about. Well, after my morning commute to work I thought about the same thing. I’m kidding, actually. Ha. There went my lame attempt for a blog-joke. And moving along..

I was on my way to work and found in a handful of commuters hands who had been reading the newspaper that, yet again, the topic of same-sex marriage in New York had made the front cover or opening pages of most New York papers. It didn’t surprise me. And should it for most New Yorkers or my fellow LGBTQGNC New Yawlkas? I doubt it. I’m not one to say that I don’t just sit here and read the article and let all of the Human Rights Campaign grass rooters do all of the fighting for us. I do my own activism for same-sex rights in my own way wether it is through educating my peers or family on the rights I deserve as much as the ones that were seamlessly given to them upon birth, I too, do my job every day as a fighting queer New York resident.

Funny, but in the Daily News, there was an article about Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. holding a rally against same-sex marriage and his granddaughter holding another in opposition to his rally.

Find the article ->  here.

I think as a whole and on all same-sex and LGBTQGNC issues, New York is really lax. Should New York ever be looked at as a “student” in that aspect and graded, they would have gotten held back on so many levels. New York can never advance or see the city grow and expand. This is so crucial to the city’s other issues going on – health, financial, etc. And of course mainly the reason why among many of the people leaving New York are fellow LGBTQGNC who are saying goodbye to this city for another fairer city who accepts them and their partner on all rights equal and fair. The last time I checked, the ENTIRE United States was a free country and the mere fact that we do not have the same rights as our straight counterparts goes against our constitutional rights. Period. America, you say? Land of the free? There is nothing free if I can never be with the woman I love or have her in the hospital at my bed side. Because she is the same sex, she has to sit in the waiting room? Some country.


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