My Plan For a Super, Geekified Summer

17 May

As I map out my plans for the summer despite this horrid weather in the city this week that makes me feel like I’m in Seattle than the normal hustle and bustle of New York City that is usually pretty awesome..I am hoping for a spectacular summer right in my own backyard. I think it was Mayor Bloomberg who, despite for lack of better terms, the egotistical and receding man he is that came up with the term “Staycation.” It was a push to get people to not leave New York to go on vacations rather stay home and enjoy what is around the city, try new things we rather might not have tried. In fact, it might just save us money, too. Might. If we’re not out shopping every day, that is.

But really, I haven’t been to museums and gardens in a while and I just visited Central Park not too long ago with a good friend and her son. I miss these places and I tend to forget that I have such great resources right under my nose. I happen to LOVE the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and was fortunate enough one summer in high school to have worked there and take pictures of all of the different plants and flowers and make a portfolio of what I had found in my discoveries. To get lost in the garden for over two or three hours at a time – it’s so peaceful. I forget how much we have around and just how much we can do without going so far or spending so much money.

The summer is right around the corner and I’m definitely looking forward to making it an unforgettable one. Beaches, free events and concert nights, street fairs and festivals, museums and gardens! I definitely have a ton to look forward to!


One Response to “My Plan For a Super, Geekified Summer”

  1. bluebell Books May 28, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    Happy Summer.
    Enjoy an awesome break and more. you rock.


    How are you?

    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your contribution is invaulable to us.

    Happy Saturday.


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