A Weekend of Naps!

29 May

This weekend as much as it’s Memorial Day, I know I am supposed to be thinking of those who have served our country and remember them, but I can’t help but catch up on some needed sleep. My body has been calling for an immense amount of sleep that it has been lacking so much that I have been taking naps throughout the afternoons and it has felt absolutely WONDERFUL! I tell you, I wish I could do this on the regular. But, you know, not in this day and age, of course.

I also have a weekend that I was planning on going to the gym and working out, but napping just sounded so much better. I had a few errands to run, and in my attempts to “run” them, the stores were closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone should be napping and catching up on some sleep. I know I shouldn’t be looking at this holiday as such, but this is the first weekend that I’ve taken the time to do nothing but rest. You see how much I’m talking about it? That’s how good it feels. Ha.

I know I’m still probably going to be in rest mode on Tuesday when I’m back at work, but what are you going to do? Maybe I can sneak in ten minutes of nap time when none of my coworkers are looking. Maybe.


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