Summer’s Here..So..Bring On The Guns & Violence?!

31 May

Now that the temperature has risen to a scorching 80 degrees and higher, apparently people feel the need to bring out their weapons and feel the need to sexually harass and assault women in New York City. I mean, really. Is it just me, or do you feel the same way? It seems like it’s been an old “tradition,” if you will, that in New York people tend to get excited and all rowdy and chaotic. By rowdy and chaotic, I mean violent. It’s when you hear about crime escalating in the outer boroughs more and more and people start fleeing their neighborhoods just to escape the violence. It’s sad. It’s even more sad to say that I’m leaning more and more into the crowd that feels the same way about New York and that it’s not the way it once was anymore. Sure it’s all things that every other state isn’t, but when you think of everything rolled into one, it’s not quite the Picasso picture you paint for yourself. Surely if you aren’t making more than 60k a year solely or with combined incomes, live in a low-crime neighborhood and can manage to actually SAVE money in this ever-increasing state we live can never survive in this state.

What’s even more heartwrenching is that there are no jobs here and there seems to be more violence than jobs. Poor analogy, probably. But the best one I could find at the moment. It’s also a shame when every day you pick up the paper and read more about scandals in the education system than about what the city is doing to keep teachers in our schools and reform our education to keep more students in school and off of the streets carrying the guns that are killing our innocent neighbors.

I remember specifically covering a story back in undergrad when Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes was bringing back the Gun Buyback Program in two neighborhoods of Brooklyn, where anyone can anonymously sell back their legal or illegal firearms for a $200 bank card with no questions asked whatsoever. It was like a miracle in the making. It was a way to get weapons off of the streets and to pay people to do so, kind of like a bribe, but hey, if that’s what it would take, then so be it. The DA had had two programs before the third in 2008 where they were able to collect more than 1,000 guns from people. Now this is what I call positive reinforcement.

We should have MORE of this and OFTEN. Too many people are being hurt and often killed in our backyard. And we aren’t doing enough to stop the next person from getting killed.


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