My Inspirational Train Rides

7 Jun

It’s funny that when you’re alone on the train and have worked almost 13 hours (including being on a train for a total of 5 hours just traveling back and forth to get to and from work and home) that a train ride will inspire some ideas and bring to light some ideas you might have been thinking about even brighter.

Last night I was working the second golf outing since being at my job, and after a tireless day.. I wasn’t inspired to do anything but go home to lay in bed with my girlfriend and go to sleep. Nonetheless, most of my days at work are uninspiring. Evermore, my coworkers and I caught an 8:30 train out of LI and were all pretty much in our own worlds.

I kept to my own and sort of just started thinking. Train rides tend to do that to me. Long ones, especially. It’s not often, though, that these ideas make complete and clear sense to me that it makes me continue to think about them even the day after. It’s the type of train ride that gives you the epiphany, like, “Hey! You should be doing these types of things and this would be great! You should start this! You would love this and so would the people you do it with!”

Long rides give you time to think and sometimes it’s usually good. Other times, not so good. But I was able to have a good moment yesterday and it’s sticking with me. I just hope I can follow through and keep the inspiration and idea going and take it with me. Let’s see where this goes..


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