A Day of R&R..Yeah. Okay.

8 Jun

Just when I thought I would be on my way to another day closer to a weekend of rest, today I go into work and get bombed with a stomach full of pains. Something that is never fun. So I happen to leave work early, but only to find myself at home and sick. So today isn’t a day of much needed R&R, but I might be able to lay in bed and catch up on some backed up work that I can never seem to do once I get home from work and the gym. It’s actually not a bad day as long as my stomach cooperates now that I’m in the comfort of my own home and can do some productive things of my own. Sick days are never cool, but they are if you can use them productively if you aren’t actually under the covers with the flu. Thankfully, it’s not that bad and I can actually do some things. I still am waiting for that day off where I can just chill and relax, maybe take myself to the beach with a book and some music. Now that’s my kind of day of R&R.


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