First Lady on iCarly?

9 Jun

I read today in the newspaper that First Lady Michelle Obama is going to be in an episode of Nickelodeon’s iCarly. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me these days. The First Lady or our President turning to media. President Obama has been in his third year serving and we’ve already seen him on all types of media like The View, 60 Minutes and has made guest appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, too. So, really, does it surprise me that First Lady Michelle would appear on iCarly? Not really.

Presidents of our past have, but not always, looked to the media and turned to it in the past as a way to reach Americans, though I think it’s a very cheap way of doing it. Appearing on a daytime talk show to talk about what they’re doing for the country and their own personal lives to make them, well, more personable, I guess. A way to let us peek into the lives of the unknown, the one who leads our country. Ronald Reagan was a former actor and I think used his credibility with that and getting Americans in touch with a somewhat familiar face as he wasn’t exactly a Clint Eastwood.

I’m not sure how I feel about politicians or presidents using media other than news broad castings to inform the country of what is going on. We have newspapers and tabloid magazines that will dish out gossip regularly so why should we be adding to that by putting more of it on television? Now, I’m sure that they’ll have the First Lady play a role of some kind, because this is a fictional show, but really? Is it really so that kids will identify with her or so they will want to learn about her and what she is doing? Or will they just get starstruck when they see the episode and go, “Hey! That’s President Obama’s wife!” and just continue to watch the episode? I’m not sure about this one, guys..


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