And So It Goes..

11 Jun

I originally had plans today to do a bunch of things and go to Brooklyn Pride, but it’s just like the story of my life that I have to get sidetracked with a bunch of other things that take precedence over the other. Sometimes when I read my horoscope (don’t judge me), I think it’s strange that it’s right on the nose to how I feel or what I’m going through at the moment. When it tells me “Make time for yourself and stop scheduling your time around so many things. Allow some time to just unwind and do something that you didn’t schedule for,” I chuckle and think, ‘Yeah. Okay.’ Sometimes I wish I could just say no to some things, but then I just have to learn how to just say NO. I can’t get to this today, I’ll have to do this tomorrow. I can’t tell you how many things I have not gotten to, because I just have been so wiped out and tired and it wasn’t even 3pm by the time I wanted to just throw my hands down and hit the table and fall asleep. I’m beginning to think moving to Europe or South America is a good idea. They cut their day for two hours to go home and rest, have lunch, re-energize. My kind of life, I tell you.

If there were something in this world – much better than the one hour lunch break, a magic beverage or air you could inhale to wake you from feeling so lousy all the time, I’d be up on it. I sometimes think I’m a mild insomniac – only sleeping a few hours a night and maybe that’s why I am always so tired all of the time and stress and life blended into one. I have a horrible habit of going to sleep late and when my alarm goes off I will get up and reset it for another 20-30 minutes. Then it goes off again, I’ll reset it again for another 10 minutes. I do this for a good hour. Until I get up finally. So I set myself back an hour every day. Every damn day. It’s a HUGE habit I’m not proud of and one I try to work on, but I fail all of the time. I’m open to suggestions at how I can better fix my sleeping habits. I don’t really snack before I go to bed as I’ve cut that out a while ago with my eating healthier. Oh, the torture of life, I tell you. Being an adult is seriously no joke. The older I get the more I realized that every time people said to me, “Be a kid,” was telling me not to rush wanting to be an adult..well now I know exactly what they meant by that.


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