And There’s Not a Damned Thing You Could Do About It

20 Jun

Eventually we are all going to reach a bump in the road with something. And in the end, we will get over it. As I have been telling some very FEW and close people to me, I have been experiencing a load of living arrangement issues, for lack of better terms. I’m not homeless, but I’m definitely not comfortable anymore living in the building I live in. What I once a few years ago thought was a great scenic change for my mother and I, has now brought a multitude of concerns and worries into my life amongst sleepless nights. I’ve been an insomniac and it’s been weeks since I’ve had a single night’s sleep without constant fear or wanting to get up in the middle of the night and going about my “middle of the night crazed cleaning binges” and clean an entire room from ceiling to floor. I usually will want to clean like a maniac whenever I am crazed or angry or frustrated. I’ve come to realize that the people who have taken over ownership and manage the building I live in now do not care about its tenants’ safety or concerns and while other tenants think there isn’t a damned thing you could do about it, I beg to differ.

There might be certain environmental issues you can’t do anything about or natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami in Japan. Those things are out of your control. Mother nature is one lady you can not force upon. But there are things you can fight or battle with and that, my friends, are people who try to take control over you, your safety or your comfort. What’s worse is if they don’t dare try to meet the standards or needs you and everyone else deserves.

I, and probably many other people, usually turn to the man upstairs whenever there is a crisis at hand or whenever we are in need of some guidance. Though I don’t identify with religion per say, I did practice Catholicism growing up so I’ve followed that path but have also attained my own spiritual path along with that practice. But I do often turn to guidance and support of religion and others even when it isn’t needed. Just for the sake of always being in eachothers’ thoughts and spirits. I guess it’s a way of constantly reminding eachother that we don’t always need the guidance and support from one another when we are in a bind, but all of the time. I look for guidance when I’m in search for answers, yes, but I look for it when I don’t need the answers, too. Sometimes when I don’t look for guidance it hits me back dead center in the face.

When we don’t look so hard for the answer on what to do next.. it will seamlessly fold itself to us. As long as we just follow the way life unassumingly throws us curve balls and sliders, we can make it to the next inning. One step at a time, as my other half and one of my deepest guidance and support system tells me. “Take it one step at a time.”


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